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With a passion for food and a big appetite, charlie (the director) teamed up with an independent food manufacturer who supply some of the UK's leading restaurants. The idea, to provide restaurant quality precooked meal boxes and produce direct to people's home across the UK mainland that are simple to cook using the step-by-step instructions provided. 


With our in-house teams of top quality chefs, butchers and a wealth of experience we aim to supply dishes and meats exactly how they would be received in the restaurants for customers to recreate the experience in the comfort of their own home. No prep, no subscription and no fuss, all you need is an oven, pan and a big appetite.

We use the sous vide cooking process, used widely within the restaurant industry, Sous Vide cooking is the process of using vacuum packed bags to slowly cook ingredients in a precise temperature-controlled water bath. This water-based cooking technique retains the juices and aroma of the food that is usually lost during the traditional cooking process and allows you to quickly reheat and produce consistent restaurant quality food.


The Benefits?


Cooking Time & Ease- Our chef's have done the prep, so all you have to do is pop it in the oven or heat in a pan.


Intensified Flavours- Cooked in vacuum packed bags at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, ingredients simmer in their own juices and are extra tender.


Shelf Life- Some of our sous vide products have up to a 30 day chilled shelf life, reducing the amount of waste. Vacuum sealing the ingredients means no additional preservatives are required to achieve this. 


For more information on the benefits and process click here. 


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